Jim is here to take care of him.

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About $Jim

Jim worked at a dull 9-5 office job as a data entry clerk.  Smoking pack after pack, he felt his life had no meaning..

Until, one fine night he found his true passion. He broke the shackles of monotony and ventured online to become him truest form..

Filled with rage he had finally found his outlet, Twitter!

Roasting people is his life now!



420,000,000,000   $Jim Supply 

No tax

Total Supply
420,000,000,000 100%
Total $jim to Burn
Total Roasts

Each Jim roast tweet will burn 69 $jim

Roast 2 burn

$Jim is for all the Jimmies
51% of the Pre-Sale sent to Uniswap Liquidty Pool
Locked Team & LP

How to Buy

Create a Wallet.

Download and install a friendly wallet like Metamask on your browser, or if on mobile from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Get Some Eth.

$Jim lives on the Ethereum blockchain so you need ETH to purchase tokens. You can purchase ETH in most wallets, or deposit from an exchange.

Head over to uniswap.

Visit Uniswap to exchange your ETH to Jim.

Swap ETH for $Jim.

Exchange your ETH for Jim on Metamask, or other Jim friendly wallets. If you are having trouble, head over to our Telegram for assistance.


Phase 1

Launch RoastHimJim Bot
Launch Socials
Pre-Sale with WL
Token Official Launch
CEX Listing
On-Board Advisors

Phase 2

$jim Airdrop
Launch The 420 Club
Roast 2 Burn (Token Burn)
Jim 4 Hire
Jim Scamwatch
Roastee of the Week + Resident

Phase 3

Add to Jim Bot Family
Roast 2 Earn
Tier 1 Cex Listing
Cross-Platform (Discord, Tg etc)
Video Content ( IG, Tiktok etc)
Online + IRL Competitions

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